Going beyond the “content can watch shade it” to by the image, location, time, synchronize various elements such as WEB, CLOUDAR to use induction to a real store, switching of the display content by time, such as logging, to the WEB site “It is AR services which can make the flow-movement of the person” to induce the customer.

Grant relevance to multiple marker by “marker linkage”.

It is possible to operate by creating an AR marker that can not read only after reading the specific AR marker which you associate the different AR marker.
【Use cases】
 ・Present only marker can be read only customers who can use it visit by reading the ads marker.
 ・The stamp rally due to the interlocking of multiple markers.

Grant the position information to the AR marker by “Position Control”.

It is possible by setting the position information to the marker, and performs the navigation to the set position when reading the marker.
【Use cases】
 ・The Induction ion in the navigation of the store till the customers who can by reading the ads marker.
 ・Show the location of the marker linked to the time of marker linked.

The dynamically change the content to be displayed by the “Time Control”.

It can change automatically the contents to display by correlating and time markers after reading AR markers.
【Use cases】
 ・Special delivery of contents for a limited event, etc.
 ・Special delivery of coupon and time sales.

Continuous playback of multiple content by “contextual”.

A plurality of contents can be registered to one marker.
By continuous playback, it can induce to store by viewing the map or which can show the coupon image after playing CM video.
【Use cases】
 ・Induction to stores by showing the coupon image after playing the CM video.
 ・How to show the new content that combines image and video

Collaboration with the WEB site due to “QR Code Authentication Control”

By taking advantage of the one-time QR code to issue their own, cooperation with the WEB site is possible.
Just read the QR code with a smartphone, you can dynamically change the contents of the WEB site, and log in to the member site is possible.
【Use cases】
 ・To use instead of login ID, and password.
 ・To use settlement of EC site.

Function introduction of CLOUDAR.

Use of to stamp rally by appliying the interlocking function

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