Product introduction

App downloads.

Please try to experience the CLOUDAR in the sample!

iPhone which can be used for free, and the application only for Android are downloaded.


Recommend environment:iOS 6.0/Android4.0~ ※A packet communication fee serves as a visitor burden.

How to enjoy “CLOUDAR”

It holds up to the marker corresponding to CloudAR with the smart phone which started the application.

After holding up, you can start reading When you tap the screen. (If you have read failure, please read again away once.)

Read is complete, the content still images, video, a variety of 3DCG will be played.

Sample marker

I will read a lower marker picture using a CLOUDAR application!

Stamp Rally How about in the area, such as activation event!?

CLOUDAR also provides authentication function, because the situation of stamp collecting can be grasped immediately, You can apply various campaigns such as lottery and distribution of premium content for those who have complete the stamp.

※You can see the samples held up in CLOUDAR each stamp. ※ I can check "My page" → "Comp list of items" for the situation of the stamp collection.

Stories such as Travel Agents

Can be easily induced to stores, and effect measurement of advertising because it can also be viewed and discount coupons to only customers who had seen an AR promotion Once you have prepared a dedicated marker separately in the store. It is also possible to grant the directions to guide marker if CLOUDAR further, to view the route to the store.

※After holding up in CLOUDAR pictures of balloon brochure, please place your store only marker.

Store-only marker

Only person who held up a photo in CLOUDAR balloon brochure, you will be able to recognize this marker.

I express the content a little bit different

By taking advantage of the CLOUDAR, you can use a technique of AR (augmented reality) easily.

※The image started to take action held up in CLOUDAR, when the tap.

Please contact us from following the introduction of CLOUDAR, other questions, such as the hope of the document request.