What is CLOUDAR?
It is the Cloud type service which offers a highly efficient image recognition system required in order to realize AR (extended reality).
Contents management of not only image recognition but the marker picture for recognition, etc. can be performed only by CLOUDAR.
How should I use CLOUDAR?
A marker picture and AR contents to reproduce are registered in the Web page only for CLOUDAR.
Then, AR contents are renewable by reading a marker picture from an Android application for exclusive use and an iPhone application.
What is required in order to use CLOUDAR?
The marker picture for recognition and AR contents (an animation, a still picture, etc.) for reproducing at the time of marker reading are required.
In order to reproduce AR, the Android or iPhone which installed the application for exclusive use is needed.
How much after-order can CLOUDAR be used now?
I will send a set of contracts from our company. It gets used to use after completing the contract on the document by a contract.
I would like to know in detail about price.
The price varies by the number of contents or markers that are recognized, please contact us for more information.

About management of CLOUDAR

I would like to manage contents at my company.
The control program for anyone to manage easily is contained in the CLOUDAR system.
Moreover, it is also possible to prepare uniquely various controlling functions united with the visitor's contents.
Can the recognition rate of a marker picture be investigated?
In the screen which registers a marker picture, a recognition rate can be checked by the number of ☆.
A marker picture registers. Can it use it now immediately?
Following 6:00 registered to use is attained.
Is restriction one of those which are used as a marker picture?
Featureless pictures, such as a picture by which the whole surface was smeared away in white, cannot be used as a marker.
The picture of complicated modeling of a picture, a natural photograph, etc. in which contrast clarified is suitable as a marker.
Can AR marker contents registered once substitute?
AR marker and contents can be changed. An additional charge does not start, either. However, following or subsequent ones 6:00 is the reflection.
Moreover, base contents / spot contents, and additional-setup/change setup are possible for contents.
・Contents which are set to base contents at the time of a marker setup and which are reproduced by default.
・Contents set to spot contents when saying that you want to reproduce in spot till the - day - at the time of the - day -.
Contents register. Does it come to display them immediately?
It is displayed from following 6:00 registered.

About a CLOUDAR application

The hardware requirement of a CLOUDAR application of Android and iPhone?
2.3.3 or more Android and 6.0 or more iOS are object models.
The camera of a terminal operating an application in the case of usage and a terminal need to be connected to the Internet.
Can it display, even if there is no marker?
What was perused once can be displayed by having reproduction carried out from History.
he does not want to make the contents in History eliminated -- are there any methods?
It is. Please choose from the list of History and choose an addition as Favorite.
It is henceforth renewable from Favorite, and it is not deleted unless it deletes in person.
To how many affairs can it save at History?
It saves to 50 affairs.
If it is exceeded, it will be eliminated from an old thing.
To how many affairs can it save at Favorite?
It saves to 100 affairs.
It will not be added if it is exceeded.

About creating a content and CLOUDAR marker

Appropriate image, inappropriate image do you take any image as a marker?
Assuming first, marker of the following conditions, can not be used as a marker.
- One side is filled with one color
- Image without feature object is not reflected

On the above assumptions, the marker of the following conditions, tend to recognition rate is increased.
- Outline of the object that is reflected is clear
- Nature photography, etc., complex modeling is reflected
- The aspect ratio of the image image of 4:3 or 16:9

On the other hand, the marker of the following conditions, tend to recognition rate is lowered.
- It consists only characters
- The whole image is dark
- Part of the image is glowing

I would like to convert videos to the AR for, what can I do?
Here is the reference value when encoding an AR for video files.
Profile: MPEG4 Simple@L1
video size: 176x99(16:9), 176x144(4:3)
Frame rate: 20fps
Bit rate: 228kbs
Audio: AAC-LC 2.0ch 44.10khz 48kbps

If you Need help how to convert video, please contact us.

Please contact us from following the introduction of CLOUDAR, other questions, such as the hope of the document request.