CLOUDAR managerial system

Highly efficient despite a simple design

On the management screen excellent

in operativity, it manages easily.

In CLOUDAR, I am preparing the management screen which can be operated intuitively. I have you able to log in and it can perform setup required for employment, such as registration of a marker, and a setup of a guide (guidance), at any time.

The home screen of a simple design

■Management of a marker
A favorite picture can be set up as a marker and it can carry out various contents and with a string.
■Management of a guide (guidance)
The function of a guidance guide can be given to the contents displayed after marker recognition.
■Management of a message
It is possible to distribute a message for every service.


Marker management screen

■A setup is possible during the time
A maximum of three can be automatically changed by setting a day and time to the contents to display. It can express to entertainment, such as changing contents in daytime, an evening, or a period in the morning.
■Continuation reproduction is possible
When reproducing animation contents, it can respond to continuation reproduction of a maximum of three. It divides with the intersection (a header, a footer) of an animation, and can also do usage of substituting only a middle portion.
■It corresponds to variegated contents
Since it corresponds to the display of a still picture, 3DCG, and an animation (it corresponds also with alpha), various expressions are possible.
■It corresponds to an attestation marker
Participation etc. are possible to campaign by having used the marker as an object for attestation and having attested two or more markers.

Guide (guidance) management screen

In CLOUDAR, coordinates can be added to display contents. By adding coordinates, it becomes possible to perform guidance from a its present location. A marker is made to add to a flier etc. and it becomes possible to make the place to a store show by reading the marker by CLOUDAR.


Message management screen

Since a message can be distributed for every service, information of campaign, time sale, etc., etc. are attained.


Report management screen

Since the number of references of a marker and how many visitors (unique) are referred to and it displays in a mere graph, the present situation can be checked by a glance. It is made to the reference to future deployment.


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