Track record・example

  • Stamp Rally

    City is the venue of the stamp rally! Get the stamp reads in smartphone cameras!

  • Entertainment magazine linkage

    The advertisement of a store can be broadly told by publishing for an entertainment magazine and a coupon magazine.

  • Contents change in a time zone

    Since information is directly acquired from the Cloud server, contents are changeable by a time zone.

  • Track record is introduced by a card

    If the card currently usually used on business is registered as an AR marker, the track record of a company or an individual can be projected.

  • completion image of an apartment

    Only by preparing AR marker in the apartment under construction, a completion schedule image can be expressed by 3D in an instant.

  • Photograph is to an animation

    The girl who appeared in the plan "Kyushu beauty-in-the-bud photo studio" of a young-men-oriented magazine "NO!!" begins to move!

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